Walk the Talk has one mission: to help you create an epic shift in your life! Our speaker series will help you grow through inspiration, motivation, and awakening. At our talks, you will be pulled out of the ‘mosh pit’ of conflicting self-beliefs, and moved in a positive way to greater heights! Our speakers will dust off your mind, upgrade your mental hard drive, and help your soul shine. As you attend our events, please be open and come ready to experience new positive approaches to life; you will leave with fabulous takeaways and “ah-hah” moments that you will integrate immediately into your life…and Walk the Talk from now on with honesty and authenticity!

One Mission: Let’s all Walk the Talk!

What makes us tick?

Fair question, considering what’s at stake here. After all, you are putting your trust in people whom you’ve never met, to provide you with the tools, resources, and guidance you need to take you from questions to answers in the quickest and most enjoyable way possible. So here’s a bit about our Founder, just in case you were wondering.

Introducing Steve Ross

Steve Ross has a great disposition, and is happy to be living the life he has! His family, friends, and close relationships are the bedrock of Steve’s life. He did graduate from college. Not that this is so important, but it did present him opportunities to learn, grow and realize what he was best at, which is working with people to create and manifest their visions and ideas, while at all times enjoying what’s being created! He’s followed this path for the last 35+ years.

“Everyone has amazing and creative ideas within them, as long as they become empowered to try!” feels Steve. “During this awesome empowering process, many cool things happen: minds are opened, visions are projected, ideas are shared, art is designed, sweat happens, and in the end, awesome things are created!”

With each Walk the Talk, Steve’s goal is to bring you the best interactive and passionate speakers with the coolest over-the-top on-topic stories we can find! Plus mix in a lot of fun! This is his mission to help create a positive shift in people’s thoughts and actions.  You are welcome to contact Steve at walkthetalkseries@gmail.com.