WALK THE TALK: Rory Colgan w/ The Four Pillars of Compassion

Published August 10, 2018

RORY COLGAN was born and raised in Rock Island, Illinois, Rory Colgan published his first book in 2007. As a writer, Rory shares insightful metaphysical concepts applied to various topics whether that be children’s education, self-help, relationships, meditation, or philosophy. Rory is the founder Inner Health Today, an educational platform, which focuses in the area of aiding others to become healthy, wealthy, and influential in the realms of spirit, mental capacities, emotional development, and in the physical world. He graduated from the School of Metaphysics with a Qui Docet Discet, (Latin for One Who Teaches Learns) after 8 years of study.  He also is a certified Dream Coach through dreamschool.org, aiding others to understand their nighttime dreaming and how it relates to one’s life.  He became a minister in the ULC Monastery in 2014.  Rory’s hobbies and passions include animal farming, basketball, swimming, skiing, kickball, painting, gardening, kayaking, tennis, reading, collecting precious metals, hiking, among others. Contact him at innerhealthtoday@gmail.com or visit him at www.innerhealthtoday.com

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